Let’s Face It

Our dreams, our hope, our plans, they’re not going to work exactly the way we want them to. The ideal in our mind is not going to work in this life. Not in this life. We’ll never really have that perfection; the job we really want, the smooth flow of our career, the perfect relationship, perfect family, not even the perfect self we wish to become. All our hard work will not reach the ideals in our mind—at least not quite. In our own attempt, there is no flawlessness, only plain incompleteness.

At the end of the day, as Paula Rinehart said, ”the ache of incompleteness returns, a longing that is never truly satisfied. It can produce frustration with our lives and the people [around us], or it can become the bread crumbs on the trail that lead to the beauty and wonder of being with the Lord.”

Our plans and ideals may not work in this life but God’s master plan will work out beyond our wildest dreams. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that God is not a vending machine where we put coins, and out pops the Coke. He is far less predictable than that. But He is utterly, utterly faithful.

♥ Ish


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