It is the fifth day of 2017 and I just finished browsing through the photos I have in my phone. I also just finished uploading some photos I took during the last quarter of 2016, which I intended to post but I wasn’t able to do so right away.

Looking through all of it, I am amazed by how beautiful and real the photos are. I did not appreciate them before as much as I do now while seeing them in my instagram feed. I always thought that I had no social life towards the end of 2016. I was so busy with work and my grad school requirements. Only now that I realize, most of those double-tap-worthy photos were taken during work – mostly during the fieldworks of our students.


Last year, I dragged myself with countless deadlines to meet, with academic journals to read, and with research papers to write.

But last year, I have grown in the laughter, smiles, and hugs of my students; in the adventures I shared with them; in figuring out how I will start the day – or in how a day will even end.


Last year, I had the most number of trips to clinics and hospitals. I was so sickly and my dad was rushed in the emergency room.


But last year, one of the blessings in the family was born – Joaquin! He is the very first grandson of my parents. Thank You, Lord for giving us this bundle of joy!


Last year, we lost our grandfather. It was one of the most heartbreaking interment that I attended. My mother lost his father and she was not home. There were problems regarding her papers which hindered her from going home. She witnessed the burial of his man via live stream – her heart was crushed, and so was ours.


But last year, my mom went home!! Her papers got fixed, her employer sponsored her plane ticket, and our family was finally complete after three years! Although my mom’s vacation was for just about a couple of months – God, it is more than enough.


Now, I cannot think anymore of other unfortunate things that happened to me last year.

But last year, I decided to say Yes to the man I want to grow with – in faith, hope, and love; in prayer and thanksgiving; and in service and worship.


I am grateful, Lord, for reminding me how much You have blessed me with. Thank You for being the God of my life – the One who gives and the One who takes away; the One who supplies all my needs and the One who fulfills my heart’s desires. 

Jesus, indeed, my life is double-tap-worthy. And I am everyday grateful.

❤️ Ish


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