I am grateful, Lord, for reminding me how much You have blessed me with. Thank You for being the God of my life – the One who gives and the One who takes away; the One who supplies all my needs and the One who fulfills my heart’s desire. … More Double-Tap-Worthy

Not All Mornings are the Same

This morning, my students and I had a very reflective activity in our Values Education class. I asked them why does bullying happen. One of them said, “Because they want to be cool?” and another said, “Because they hate them?” Yes, they might probably hate them. But why do you think they hate other people? “Because they have been bullied also before? They want to get back on other people.” Very good kids. If they have also experienced being bullied, do you think they were also hurt? That is the reason why bullying happens – hurt people hurt people. … More Not All Mornings are the Same

Let’s Face It

Our dreams, our hope, our plans, they’re not going to work exactly the way we want them to. The ideal in our mind is not going to work in this life. Not in this life. We’ll never really have that perfection; the job we really want, the smooth flow of our career, the perfect relationship, perfect family, … More Let’s Face It